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A Rite of Passage

Feb. 2. 2022 ~ June 22. 2022

Fern leaf

Are you a woman who facilitates community groups and holds deep soulful space for others? 

Do you long to have YOUR soul held, touched, and supported too?

Do you find yourself regularly listening to others, supporting their transformation?

Are YOU ready to shed an old skin, grow your capacity and strengthen your boundaries?

Are you an emerging feminine leader, ready to step into your gifts?

Are you longing for mentorship from someone who has walked a similar path?


Does the artist in you need to express herself? 

Is the daily grind drying out your creative juices? 


I know how you FEEL because I have been there too!!!


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a place to… 

~ Tend the waters of your authentic soul self?

~ Ignite the fire of your bold passion?

~ Receive support with tangible skills?

~ Step more fully into the impact of your service? 


If you feel a YES, I’ve created something just for you! 


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Naomi Jason (4)_edited.jpg

SoulSkin is a creative quest to claim your wise, untethered self. It culminates with a ritual performance to mark the reclamation of your potent primal essence. 

Through embodied trance, guided writing, freeform dance, qigong and in an intimate group of women, explore the undomesticated and holy depths of your soul-self.

Generating a palette of imagery, sound, movement and words along with genuine confidence, we complete our journey with an embodied Rite of Passage.



Nourish your core 


Deepen your service

 Transform your ability to show up as a leader in all aspects of your life

Awaken parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed

Orient to your guiding source,
the parts of you that live beyond your day to day life

Develop the confidence to live from your wild authentic self

Be seen, received and embodied in your ancient place of origin and belonging  




Dance ritual, qigong, authentic movement, vocalizing


1:1 mentorship support, intimate women's circle, community witness and dreaming

Earth Connection

Retreats on the land, ceremonial fire, ocean trips, garden time


Ritual, intention, prayer, rite of passage, art of surrendener


What's Included

  • 5 month container of embodied trance, guided writing, ritual, vocalizing, qigong, freeform movement and sistership

  • a small consistent and intimate group of women (10 max), optional small accountability pods and facebook group/signal thread

  • 5 lush daylong retreats at Oasis on Salt Spring Island ~ Including:

  • sauna ritual, ceremonial fire, hot-tub, cacao, time in the garden, infra-red heated dance studio and mini trips to the ocean

  • 3 x 1:1 mentorship calls with Naomi (1.25 hours each)

  • 5 x 2 hour online calls/journeys (once/month)

  • 3 bonus calls with special guests

  • Recorded meditations and weekly live 40min qigong/dance journeys to land and seal in the embodiment of your soul essence

  • Final ritual performance/rite of passage held at Oasis on Summer Solstice

  • A photoshoot with 7 professional photos for your use

  • A facebook group /options for ongoing connection

    Very Special Guests


Alison Vida

Jungian Scholar
Salt Spring Island


Kvika Föld

Shamanic Dance


Nicole Pemberton

Womb Priestess

The Nature of the Soul and Dreamscape

Coming Alive to the Embodied Soul

Claiming the power of your womb


Claim your becoming

Naomi Jason (4)_edited.jpg

Your Guide

As your guide and companion on this avatar’s journey, I’m here to create a sacred space of deep listening and reverence. With over 20 years of journeying through embodied rites of passage, I light the way for you to delve into the mysteries of our raw-real beingness, to encourage radical, authentic self inquiry and support you to open the channel of your body to receive the medicine of your soul. Within the group, our process is emergent, meaning that I work with what is present to weave the magic of our exploration.  You are held in what is real and true for you in each moment.


Praise for SoulSkin

Paige Penny

MD Counselling


I have come to know myself and trust myself on such a deep level from this work.

We are healing and transforming ourselves and the collective through authentic movement.

We are becoming our best most empowered selves together in prayer and practice. "

Alice Meyers

PhD | Language & Literacies Education


Naomi creates a magical sacred container within which we are free to express our true wild selves. I have learned so much about what it means to be in community and to create a circle of sisterhood. To share our struggles and our joys, our pain and our triumphs. Through movement, through journaling, through talking and screaming, crying and laughing...

We go through it all, together. 

Shayu Talbot

Esalen Massage Teacher/Practitioner 

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I have been a part of Sacred Sisterhood with Naomi the past 2+ years.  It has been an exquisite journey of potent experiences and realizations deep into the mysteries of self, a bonding of Sisterhood that I never knew possible, and a platform for my Soul to finally begin expressing all that it came to this planet to express. 

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