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Medical Qigong and Therapy

The practical magic of qigong lies in its ability to harmonize the energetic, emotional, and spiritual currents, fostering vitality in the physical body while cultivating alignment, peace, and inner strength.

Qigong Classes 
Online and in-Person


Simple movement meditations to foster vitality, peace and heightened awareness of inner systems based on traditional Chinese Medicine and Ancient Daoist wisdom.  Learn to connect with your organs, the 5 elements and your emotional systems.  Practice Dao-Yin meditations and visualizations to attune the mind and body to the miracle of your being.

Qigong Therapy

Reiki Therapy

Medical Qigong Therapy is a subtle yet profound and holistic dive into the root cause of disharmony in the body.  During a session together, we inquire about your physical, emotion and spiritual being, then invite you onto a treatment table/receiving posture.  Together, we then direct energy/awareness, while I practice qi emission to promote cleansing, tonifying, healing and well-being.  To support your integration and re-patterning of qi flows, I provide you with medical qigong exercises and meditations for continued self-care.

As a Compliment to other work

Clear Water Lake

I offer Qigong-dance practices, Qigong Therapy and Prescription exercises as a supportive addition within the Imaginal Containers that I hold. Inquire about guest teaching/offering at your retreat. 

My Training & Experience

I was trained in Medical Qigong Therapy through the Empty Mountain Institute from 2009 to 2011 and started practicing qigong in 2003.  I've mainly been influenced by the Medical Qigong and Mantak Chia's lineage thru various teachers.

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Let's Practice!

Reach out directly or join my mailing list to find out when I'm offering a series online or in person.  

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