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Joyfully devoted to the empowerment
of leaders for resilient communities


Are you a woman who facilitates community groups and holds deep soulful space for others? 

Do you long to have YOUR soul held, touched, and supported too?

Do you find yourself regularly listening to others, supporting their transformation?

Are YOU ready to shed an old skin, grow your capacity and strengthen your boundaries?

Are you an emerging feminine leader, ready to step into your gifts?

Are you longing for mentorship from someone who has walked a similar path?


Does the artist in you need to express herself? 

Is the daily grind drying out your creative juices? 


I know how you FEEL because I have been there too!!!


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a place to… 

tend the waters of your authentic soul self?

ignite the fire of your bold passion?

receive support with tangible skills?

step more fully into the impact of your service? 


If you feel a YES, I’ve created something just for you! 


Dear One, 


I am so honoured to share my new offering: ‘SoulSkin ~ A Rite of Passage.’ Join me in a 5-month creative quest to claim your wise, untethered self.  

Let your bones speak, your blood sing and your body beckon you into your Noble Origin. 


Join me for

Soul Skin

1:1 and group Rites of Passage


About Naomi

A visionary, community leader and mentor, Naomi is the founder of Dance Temple, the Imaginelle community theatre project, and the Imaginelle Mystery School for Embodied Transformation.  With 15 years of experience tending community through embodied ritual, she is dedicated to empowering community leaders to step into their full, impactful service, so that we can support our people in this time of great change.


Deeply rooted in the wisdom of the earth, Naomi is a farmer as well as a dance facilitator, medical qigong therapist, ritualist, dancer, choreographer, and music curator.  She welcomes you into liminal spaces, where you can access aspects of your being longing to be expressed and witnessed and to claim the path of your soul's true calling.

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“Ignite the beauty way,

remember your soul,

cultivate radical compassion,

with fierce devotion to earth,

foster roots of Trust

and return to your

Noble Origin

~Naomi Jason


What people are saying

Jazmin Snider

Founder: Dance Temple Victoria

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" Journeying with Naomi has helped facilitate my soul-full emergence and uninhibited wild expression. I've experienced clearer access to my true power, as well as a deep sense of groundedness and expansiveness. Her spiritual and emotional intelligence and kind heart create a safe container for deep transformation and alchemy."

Heidi Erhardt

School teacher, Soul Collage facilitator and journey guide


"My three extended dance journeys with Naomi have been absolutely life changing. Naomi is a beautiful channel for “what wants to happen” and “what’s needed in the collective space.” The content, context, intimacy and trust, full permission and gentle holding all contribute to a safe and solid container. 

Shayu Talbot

Esalen Massage Teacher/Practitioner 


"A Beautiful Mindful Heart-Cultivating Leader, Naomi Jason guides with a deep tender touch to co-create a magic-infused space of pure potentiality for the Feminine to step in and express her blooming open Sacred Power Full and Sovereign Self.


O keep squeezing drops of the Sun from

Your prayers and work and music


And from your companions’ beautiful 

laughter, and from the most insignificant


movements of your own holy body, Now,

sweet one, be wise:


Cast all your votes for dancing!


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