~ Dedicated to human excellence through

dance, qigong, yoga, ritual

and the building of a

culture of Trust ~

Naomi is a community leader, visionary and artist with a passion for authentic embodiment and global system change.  She is a co-founder of Dance Temple in coastal BC, Canada, a producer of multi-disciplinary events and theatre, embodiment facilitator, artist and qigong therapist. She is currently in a deep investigation of what it might mean to co-create villages of peace research on this beautiful earth and has been travelling to Tamera, Healing Biotope, in Portugal to learn more.


She invites you to join her in the questions:


What is true contact with life force?  

How do we create a culture of connection between what we create and what has created us?



Naomi Jason is emphatically committed to human excellence. As a visionary who can relate spiritually, physically and humanly to everyone, of any age, who is fortunate enough to come within her sphere, Naomi brings a dynamic and powerful feminine force of enlightened innovation, creativity and courage to deal with unexpected personal obstacles as they arise in our radically changing and challenging world.   Entering boldly into life with the strength of a pure and tender heart and powerful leadership , she inspires all around her to trust and believe in themselves -- to be their most brilliant selves—aware, content and fulfilled 

Watch out world, here she comes!

~ Sam Graci, founder of Greens+



"Dancing in the Light with Naomi"

       Naomi, a true gem of a guide, allows you to discover new dimensions of body & mind of yourself, on the dance floor. She does this by creating a sacred space that she embodies by her full awareness of movements &  gentle care of others. It is so much fun to be in that energy of oneness that it makes you not only grow as a dancer but also as a human being. "

~Henri Goebl, Owner, Dancing Light Cottage