The Imaginelle Collective

Our name:

The name ‘Imaginelle’ comes from the word ‘imaginal’, the name for cells that only emerge in the cocoon phase of a butterfly’s metamorphosis. These cells consume the caterpillar cells, using them as the fuel to create an entirely new creature: the butterfly!


Our Vision:

To explore the transformational potential of humans, using movement and sound as a mediums to awaken the larger collective wisdom, held in the body, and thus ignite change in our culture.



With the ‘Imaginal’ symbolism as our guiding force, we aim to:

- Acknowledge and utilize the ancient wisdom of many cultures, local and global, and create a platform for new wisdoms and myths to arise in our modern world.  

- Present innovative, collaborative and transformational art to our community at large.  

- Create a collective experience of transformation, thus including aspects of audience and community participation in all of our productions.

- Re-invigorate the professional dance community and the larger dancing community of Salt Spring Island.