Imaginelle has become a must-see extravaganza featuring local performing artists and enjoyed by sold-out audiences.

This delightful event is imbued with an inclusive spirit, bringing a  spirit of ever-transforming possibilities to the community.  

~ Robbyn Scott, Choreographer Imaginelle 2013 and 2014


This is not your usual stage presentation. A large part of the magic for me is watching each cast member deepen into their part and embody the transformation that the story represents. The community is so lively, present, joyful and exalting pure Consciousness itself. I am so humbled by this profound expression of truth.

~ Savita Young, local Ayurvedic specialist, Actress and musician in Imaginelle



thank you Naomi Jason . Fantastic performance tonight. What a great collaborative adventure. loved Imaginelle! ~ Christine Smart


I felt an immense gratitude from the community and also from within myself. This type of production brings out the best in all of is. The opportunity to share what we love with the people we live with; young and old, a message that uplifts the soul and opens the heart.

Thanks Naomi!

~ Bruce Everett, musician



Working with a big and diverse group of people on such a collaborative and creative project was inspiring and fostered a huge sense of community-making. That a piece of this scale and with this much talent could happen on a small gulf island is very exciting and should definitely be supported as it promotes inclusiveness, development of talent and inter-generational community building.

~ April Russell, BA, M.Ed. Actress and dancer, Imaginelle 2013



I wanted to thank you all for an incredible experience, again, for the second year in a row. So wonderful to see so many talented friends, and community members, create something so beautiful.

~ Sarah Allen



“mad bigups Naomi Jason and the rest of the imaginelle crew... what an awesome show. the last time i was moved by soulful community theatre like this was with the bread and puppet theatre… keep it up!! huuuuge inspiration!

~ Krueger Singh


a grandiose thank you and standing ovation to the entire cast. i bow to you all from the bottom of my heart for the deliverance of such beauty, such strength, such love. The musical tracks, the art, the colors, the lighting, the various forms of dance, the vocals, the instrumentalists, the script was beyond perfection!

Fierce. Captivating. Emotionally magnetic.  Perfection.  An outstanding performance of TRUTH and LOVE. ~ Naomi Singh


thank you Naomi Jason . Fantastic performance tonight. What a great collaborative adventure. loved Imaginelle! ~ Christine Smart


Every segment of this show was overwhelmingly awesome.  What an accomplishment to make people's hearts feel so FULL ~ Myna-Lee Johnstone


It was a tour de force. Well done. Loved the Show. ~ Lesley Corry


Amazing performances and great energy and big heart! ~ Elly Silverman


If one experiences something so profoundly moving that no words can describe it ... you know that emotions have spoken for you ... last night was one of those times. Thank you for allowing us to witness your soul’s expression. ~ David Miller