My Mandalas ~

Contact me to order prints or blank gift cards - all prints/cards are highlighted with gold.

These drawings are artistic meditations, inspired by moments of reflection and downtime. They are drawn freehand, without foreseeing the outcome. The patterns are aimed to lead you to the center of yourself, to offer a still point beyond time, from which time and space can radiate in balance and beauty.  

Free-hand mandalas from the heart ~

Current Offerings

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Victoria BC

Dance Temple

Singing Circle

Private Qigong

Salt Spring Island BC

Dance Temple

Private Qigong

Also available 

Private Yoga/Qigong 

Want to establish a healthy rhythm to tune into your body? Happy to help.  

DJ for private parties

It's a joy to help you make your special occasion come alive with great dance music.  Package deal with soundsystem included

LISTEN HERE: www.mixcloud/NJoy4

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