Qigong (Chi Kung) refers to ancient Chinese exercises, visualizations and meditations used to cultivate the flow of energy within one's own body.  For me, Qigong is a wake up, a clearing of grogginess in the cells, a renewal and rejuvenation of my awareness and reverence for all that is inside and out.  Cultivating an inward ‘eye’, I see how we are able to harness our strength and come back into sync with our being’s true flow.


Working with the basic fundamentals of the 5 element Medical Qigong system, the Qigong class I teach gently wakes up the body, tunes us in to the organ systems, meridians and channels, balances yin and yang, and charges up the energy fields. As a compliment to Medical Qigong therapy, the Qigong the exercises provide you with knowledge of how to cleanse, tonify or regulate specifically when and where needed.  


"With Naomi's calm voice and gentle guidance I am quickly able to change my consciousness ~ 30 minutes of Qigong shifts perspective towards peace and flow.

I am more creative, focused and at peace after these sessions. I am also more aware of my body as a whole, and the individual parts working in harmony.


Looking forward to more yummy times!"

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