~ As we weave our story together, a timeless myth emerges of growing and becoming something we never could have imagined on our own. ~



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Imaginelle 2015: Alchemy

photo by Stasia Garraway

Our 2015 production focused on the apparent polarities of our world and explored the Alchemy inherent within duality. 

Imaginelle: Alchemy presented a poignant reflection of the powerful beauty of both the destructive and creative forces of water and fire, explored the relationship between apparent opposites, and brought it's audience to a place beyond words or storyline to discover the subtle and elusive alchemical balance creating our world. 


The piece beckoned us to look deeply at our relationships with ourselves, each other and our planet ~ to simply love this courageous humanity and to respond with humble reverence to all things. With a dedication to bridging polarities and realizing Alchemical harmony, Imaginelle: Alchemy, brought it's audiences to tears with it's seamless grace.



Imaginelle 2014

Imaginelle 2014: Metamorphosis

I wanted to thank you all for an incredible experience, again, for the second year in a row. So wonderful to see so many talented friends and community members create something so beautiful.


~ Sarah Allen



Imaginelle: Metamorphosis, presented from June 26th-28th, 2014, at ArtSpring, explored the phases of inner outer transformation.  Naomi called together a group of 5 collaborators,  and was joined by 2 other choreographers as well as several musical creators.  Each collaborator invited their own groups of community performers or invited their own musicians to play out different aspects of the metamorphosis.  Involving 50 local performers from amateur to proffessional the community was empowered to co-create a journey of transformation through dance, music, prayer and laughter.  


Imaginelle, 'Metamorphosis' reflected the journey of inner transformation paralleled to the transformation of the caterpillar to butterfly.  With 3 full audiences, Imaginelle 2014 gathered over 800 people together to pose the question: How can we understand and integrate rapid change as an inherent metamorphosis, on a personal level, within community, and in our world?


 Imaginelle 2014 was supported by the Salt Spring Arts Council and Graffiti Theatre


Imaginelle 2013

2013 was the first year of Imaginelle and was sub-titled: 'Journey Through the Elements'.

A truly multi-media, multi-generational, collectively created production, the high-caliber production created a buzz with community audiences, participants and even with the many that didn’t get to see the show.   The show sold out 2 nights with a community cast of amateur to professionals dancers, actors and story-tellers, choreographers, local star musicians, aerial silk artists, the work of fibre artists, a blue-grass band formed specifically for the show, video projections, a pre-show outdoor carnival, a silent journey from lobby to the theatre, audience participation throughout the show and countless backstage helpers.  

The show received funding from the Salt Spring Arts Council and was Co-produced by Graffiti Theatre Company and Dance Temple Productions.  It was presented on July 4th and 5th, 2013 at Salt Spring’s local theatre, ArtSpring.  



A Journey Through the Elements

What a treasured experience it was to be a part of this incredible production...more than that, it was indeed a prayer and a deep acknowledgement of the human condition and the power we have to transform and evolve intentionally toward peace. A dream made of love. Thank you everyone. Magnificent, fierce and holy. 

2013 ~ Tara MacLean, reknowned Canadian musician and Imaginelle Collaborator