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Dance of Eros

January 12- March 23, 2021

A 3 month journey into your sensual/sexual nature, carried by the power of facilitated, ritual dance journeys and held in a safe* container of women.  *You will be encouraged to respect and grow your own edges.

Are you ready to go deeper into your erotic nature?  To explore the joys and blocks that are there and move through them?  Are you looking for a place to share from your heart with other women who are willing to do the same?  Does dance and great music turn you on? Come join me! 

Our time together will consist of a weekly 2 hour meeting, on Zoom, Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30pm.  The general format includes time for each woman to check in, set intentions or speak to a particular theme, and then to explore her body's secrets and wisdom through a guided dance journey with cameras off.    There will be time for journaling with gentle prompts.  We will return to cameras to share and close our circle.


The 3 months will culminate in the optional creation of a short danced solo, to be shared with the women of the group ~ I will support you in choosing music, regalia and evolving a set or improvised dance that expresses what you have discovered on the journey. 

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We'll also have a 2 week on-ramp period for you to try out the journey if you're not ready to commit.  

January 12 - March 23

Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm

3 payments of $111 or $333 for 3 months

2 week trial/minimum deposit to secure your spot: $40

etransfer after a short interview/conversation


What women are saying:  

"My three extended dance journeys with Naomi have been absolutely life changing. Naomi is a beautiful channel for “what wants to happen” and “what’s needed in the collective space.” She listens, she reflects and she intuitively knows what next steps will take us even deeper. The content, context, intimacy and trust, full permission and gentle holding all contribute to a safe and solid container. I have come to know myself and trust myself more deeply from this work. We are healing and transforming ourselves and the collective through authentic movement. We are becoming our best most empowered selves together in prayer and practice. "

~ Heidi Erhardt, Elementary School teacher, Soul Collage facilitator and journey guide


"If you yearn to be an integral part of a dreaming together of Sacred Sisterhood, with a Beautiful Mindful Heart-Cultivating Leader, Naomi Jason is one that guides with a deep tender touch to co-create a magic-infused space of pure potentiality for the Feminine to step in and express her blooming open Sacred Power Full and Sovereign Self.


I have been a part of Sacred Sisterhood with Naomi the past 2+ years.  It has been an exquisite journey of potent experiences and realizations, deep into the mysteries of self, a bonding of Sisterhood that I never knew possible, and a platform for my Soul to finally begin expressing all that it came to this planet to express. 

Thank you Naomi for your deep love, your vision, your grace, your trust in the process, your wisdom, your patience, your equanimity, and the list goes on..."

⁃ Shayu Talbot, Esalen Massage Teacher/Practitioner 

"Naomi has a profound gift for guiding people to tap their own depths, to connect with the source within, to unearth & embody one's true and full self. Journeying with her has helped facilitate my soul-full emergence and uninhibited wild expression. I've experienced clearer access to my true power, as well as a deep sense of groundedness and expansiveness. Her spiritual and emotional intelligence and kind heart create a safe container for deep transformation and alchemy."

~ Jazmin Snider, Founder: Dance Temple Victoria

Naomi creates a magical sacred container within which we are free to express our true wild selves. The natural flow that emerges is one of authenticity, love, compassion, and deeply authentic sharing. I have learned so much about what it means to sit in community, to create a circle of sisterhood, and to share our struggles and our joys, our pain and our triumphs...through movement, through journaling, through talking and screaming and crying and laughing...going through it together. 

~ Alice Meyers, PhD | Language & Literacies Education

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