Naomi is a community leader, visionary and artist with a passion for authentic embodiment and global system change.  She is a co-founder of Dance Temple in coastal BC, Canada, a producer of multi-disciplinary events and theatre, embodiment facilitator, artist and qigong therapist. She is currently in a deep investigation of what it might mean to co-create villages of peace research on this beautiful earth and has been travelling to Tamera, Healing Biotope, in Portugal to learn more.


In her work with embodiment, she inspires people of all ages and walks of life to engage with their own physical wisdom in safe and playful ways.   She invites you to join her in the question, “what is true contact with life force?” and brings this question to the larger frame of how we relate to each other and our world.  What would it look like to live in a culture of connection where we become conscious of the interplay between what we create and what has created us?  


Naomi has been studying different forms of qigong for the past 13 years, including the work of Mantak Chia as well as a 2 year study in Medical Qigong Therapy.   She shares qigong in one on one therapy, guided movement meditation practices, classes, at festivals, and as part of workshops and trainings. 

She believes that when we learn to imagine a healed picture for our selves, we also learn to create it in all that we do


She has also attended 2 yoga teacher trainings for a total of 700 hours of studies in yoga and is curious to share the practices of yoga in new ways. 

A facilitator for community issues, forum facilitator and co-lead of the intricate community of Dance Temple on Salt Spring, the next frontier for Naomi is to train to be a mediator as she already has a natural affinity to conflict resolution.  







Born and Bred on Salt Spring Island with extended years in Montreal and traveling, I have been drawn to movement arts and studied in different forms of movement all of my life.  As a child and teenager, I did all kinds of dance and competed nationally as a rhythmic gymnast.  


From 2000-2009, I lived in Montreal, where I studied contemporary dance, worked and apprenticed in different dance projects, hosted weekly dance and music jams and discovered qigong.  Within that time, I also came back to Salt Spring to apprentice with my Dad as an organic seed farmer, something I have been engaged with through Salt Spring Seeds almost my whole life. 


Moving back out to the west coast in 2009, I completed 2 years of training in Medical Qigong Therapy in Victoria and San Fransisco and started my Qigong Therapy practice in 2012.  I also founded Dance Temple (briefly with a friend and then continued on my own) in 2009.


In early 2013, I initiated the first "Imaginelle" production.  A project that I see as a yearly event on Salt Spring, but also traveling throughout the world to get communities inspired and co-creating new myths together.  


In spring 2014, I became a certified Moksha Yoga teacher in LA and proceeded to teach yoga at the Nest on Salt Spring before taking off for more learning and travels.


More recent studies with Tamera Healing Biotope have prompted an ongoing research and desire for land-based intentional community or Peace Research centre.  From what I experienced on my trips to Tamera and with a group of scholars of Tamera in California and BC, my passion for trust-building and system change has grown to be a focal point for all my work.


Most recently, I dove into yoga teacher training with world renowned yoga visionary, Shiva Rea.  Still absorbing the teachings, I am excited to share the 'Prana Vinyasa' flows I learned with Shiva and incorporate this work into my offerings.   




Brava and thanks to Naomi for her dedication to community art dance and transformative joy. She is a deep and passionate thought filled heart and soul mover and creator. With all my hearts recommendation..she is the real loving go girl!!​

~ Margie Gillis, Canadian Dancer and Choreographer, Montreal



Naomi Jason is emphatically committed to human excellence. As a visionary who can relate spiritually, physically and humanly to everyone, of any age, who is fortunate enough to come within her sphere, Naomi brings a dynamic and powerful feminine force of enlightened innovation, creativity and courage to deal with unexpected personal obstacles as they arise in our radically changing and challenging world.   Entering boldly into life with the strength of a pure and tender heart and powerful leadership , she inspires all around her to trust and believe in themselves -- to be their most brilliant selves—aware, content and fulfilled 

Watch out world, here she comes!

~ Sam Graci, founder of Greens+



"Dancing in the Light with Naomi"

       Naomi, a true gem of a guide, allows you to discover new dimensions of body & mind of yourself, on the dance floor. She does this by creating a sacred space that she embodies by her full awareness of movements &  gentle care of others. It is so much fun to be in that energy of oneness that it makes you not only grow as a dancer but also as a human being. "

~Henri Goebl, Owner, Dancing Light Cottage



Naomi is an incredible performer, and wonderful to work with. Her dedication to the finer details of expression through movement and music capture emotions ranging from sadness to joy, despair to elation... and beyond. All while moving with grace and purpose, keeping the vision alive. 

~ James Cowan, Musician and Producer


In both productions of Imaginelle that I attended, Naomi showed a remarkable ability to both shine as a solo performer and excel as a director/choreographer. Her own dance solos were breathtaking. Just as impressive was how she moulded a large, multi-generational cast that included seasoned professionals and first-time performers into an ensemble that fully realized her audacious, inspiring vision.

~ Murray Reiss, Prize-winning Poet


Naomi just taught at our week long True Expression Retreat – she is incredible to work with. Try not to miss the opportunity to work with her. [Our thanks and praise only prompted by how terrific she was with our 30 participants - truly.]”

~ Peter Levitt, Zen Master & Poet